Let Us All Work For the Greatness Of India

The Resurgent India Trust – A brief introduction

O our Mother, O Soul of India, Mother who hast never forsaken thy children even in the days of darkest depression, even when they turned away from thy voice, served other masters and denied thee …. Guide us so that we may be always on the side of great ideals and show to men thy true visage, as a leader in the ways of the spirit and a friend and helper of all the peoples.” –The Mother

The fundamental object of this Trust is to work for an integral resurgence of India so that it may assume its rightful place among the community of nations and, by its powerful example and spiritual influence open for humanity the way leading to the establishment of a divine life on earth which will be the supreme fulfillment of the ages long promises and pronouncements of the forthcoming kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

To assume its true position and fulfil its true role in the community of nations India must find back and manifest her soul which, at present, is completely covered up by an overwhelming commercialism which has spread everywhere and which has arisen out of the onslaught on it of the Western spirit of shortsighted utilitarianism. Individually one can fight it by becoming conscious of one’s inner being or – better still – psychic being and letting it become conscious of India’s soul and interested in knowing and serving it. The individuals who become conscious of India’s Soul and its Mission will become the backbone of a group forming a strong body of cohesive will with the spiritual knowledge to save India and the world.

The Resurgent India Trust has been established by just such a group of people who having become conscious of India’s Soul have acquired a living faith in its divine destiny and cannot help intensely loving it in spite of all the contrary surface appearances. This Trust hopes to become a powerful instrument of the expression of theirs and their countless other brothers’ and sisters’ faith and love for India.

It is believed that the most important thing for India – the one which when set right will automatically lead to the dissolution of most of its present problems and difficulties – is to recover the true sense of pride in its great culture, its glorious past and its supreme achievements. Therefore this Trust ardently seeks to awaken Indian people to the truth of their present condition and their great past and thus contribute to the forces leading to the recovery of their lost faith and pride – lost due to over one thousand years of subjugation to the rule of foreign invaders and the still continuing hold of their alien ideas on Indian minds – in the majesty, greatness and invincibility of their spiritual culture.

The other objects of the RIT are:

  • To work for a smooth transition of India from the present degenerate system to a system truly suited to India’s soul and one which would help India fulfil its role in the world. This will require an original dealing with modern problems in the light of Indian spirit.
  • To work for the realization of human unity in a harmonious and freely organised diversity.
  • To bring together and organise individuals with spiritual knowledge who deeply love India into a group forming a strong body of cohesive will to save India and the world.
  • To effectively bring out and present before the hearts and minds of Indian people the greatness of India’s past and the vision of India’s golden future.