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Surgical Strikes Reveal the Reality of Our Politicians


A series of claims and counter-claims are being made in the wake of the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army on September 29th on seven terrorist launch-pads along the LoC. What is most disconcerting is that the international media, the United Nations and the Indian political parties have fallen prey to Pakistan’s story that no surgical strikes took place. While the UN took a shocking and immature stand that the United Nations Observer Mission to India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), stationed along the border, did not observe any surgical strikes, Indian political parties like AAP and Congress have demanded outright proof of the same.

It is unfortunate that, back home, political parties are taking an overtly anti-national position that may compromise the country’s security. Let us deal with the Opposition claims first. The Congress has made the claim that during the UPA tenure, 3 surgical strikes were carried out – in 2011, 2013 and 2014. This is a baseless claim. The UPA is betraying its foolishness by claiming that it carried out surgical strikes with impunity along the border, without divulging any further information on how Pakistan reacted to those strikes and why they were carried out in the first place. It is one thing to say that the current strikes were needed in the wake of the Uri attack, but what about the “surgical strikes” during the UPA tenure? Is it also suggesting that “surgical strikes” against Pakistan is a routine policy of the Indian government, or that Pakistan is a dead country which does not respond to such strikes?

And now these parties are creating a public nuisance by persistently demanding “proof” of the strikes. They fail to realize that the surgical strikes were a covert operation, for which the Army is authorized to withhold details from the public, least of all reveal those video footages to the world. It would not only endanger the country by exposing vulnerable army positions, but also compel Pakistan to respond in kind. It is a fact that surgical strikes took place and that there is a danger of nuclear war looming over Indo-Pak relations. The only reason Pakistan has not responded is that it has been able to save face by trying to create a controversy that the strikes were fake. If India gives evidence, Pakistan will be forced to respond through more bloodshed and terror. But our ignorant parties don’t seem to care about that. While they accuse Modi of deriving political mileage out of the strikes, it is these parties who are trying to derive such mileage.

They don’t realize that surgical strikes were a master-stroke by the Modi government – they were able to avenge Uri, assert India’s strong position globally and, yet, prevented Pakistan from responding in kind. If India had given “proof” of the strikes, there would currently be no channel of communication between Indian NSA, Ajit Doval and Pakistan’s NSA, Nasir Khan Janjua.

And yet enough “proof” of the strikes has emerged on the ground.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Just a few hours back, Indian news channel CNN-News 18, conducted an ingenious sting operation on a Pakistani SP (Mirpur Range) responsible for preparing a report on the ‘strikes’. The channel crew posed as the SP’s superior and took vital information.

The Pakistani cop reported that India had carried out surgical strikes in many sectors in the early hours of September 29th. The Pak Army was caught unawares and lost five of its soldiers (whose names the news channel has with itself) and the bodies of unknown number of terrorists were quickly removed by the Pakistani Army, and buried in villages.

The officer revealed the details of the areas he knew were under attack – Samana in Bhimber, Hazira in Poonch, Dudhniyal in Neelam and Kayani in Hathian Bala – which the Pakistan Army cordoned off after the attacks.

The Pakistani officer’s account corroborates the details announced by India’s DGMO in the aftermath of the strikes. Most importantly, the officer revealed a very damning proof of Pakistan’s support of terrorism – that the Pakistani Army facilitates jihadi movement in forward areas and arranges for their crossing over to India, and that the Pakistani Army protects the jihadi infrastructure from even the local authorities and police.

Also, another related development has revealed Pakistan’s farce – recently, local people in PoK came out to protest against Pakistan for harbouring terrorists. This will further spell Pakistan’s fraud internationally.

An End to Politics

These revelations should come as a slap on the face of the international journalists, who had gone in a bus, enjoying Pakistani hospitality, to confirm that no strikes took place. They didn’t even bother to question that the Pak Army may have sanitized those areas – which they had indeed done. It will also come as a rude shock to the UN’s toothless UNMOGIP, while in India, people like Kejriwal and Congress’s Sanjay Nirupam are already being isolated and ridiculed for making the absurd demand of ‘proof’ of the strikes. They were not questioning the government’s integrity but that of India’s DGMO and its Army.

Before this latest revelation, another newspaper had also gathered enough “proof” through eyewitness accounts – truckload of 5-6 dead bodies being taken away for secret burial at Chalhana and destruction of jihadi establishments by the Indian Army. Eyewitness accounts revealed evidence from Dudhnial and Al-Haawi bridge, where explosions were heard and gutted terrorist buildings seen. They also saw that during Friday prayers at a Lashkar-affiliated mosque at Chalhana, a cleric vowed to avenge the deaths of the slain terrorists and Pakistani soldiers.

And now, with the latest sting operation, Pakistan has been exposed for the farce it has been constructing over the past few days. Opposition parties should also have their reply through this.

It is unfortunate that the Indian government and media had to devote so much time and energy to hostile formations taking shape from mischievous political leaders of our own country. Nowhere else in the world does this happen – no matter how big a democracy we talk about. Every country stands united when it comes to national interest. Indian political leaders are the only exception – they take easy liberties to question the Army’s operations also, thereby effectively allying with enemies like Pakistan. Today, thanks to Modi’s foreign policy, the world stands united with India more than ever, and is certainly more united with us than some devious politicians of our own country.

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