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Golden Day


All I see is golden,
The illuminating light of above,
Descending onto the land of yours,
Where you walked and leaded all.

The time could fade not your footsteps,
But engrave them deep and hard,
In the heart that sees your smile,
And the soul that seek your height.

You saw a liberating dream,
You inspired the prisoners of desire,
To live beyond the fence of offensive mind,
And touch the cloudless sky where you reside.

To look upward towards your blue sky,
Eyes open up towards the inner insight,
Your fields are bright with golden sunshine,
And you’re radiating face, solace for aching eyesight.

O Dreamer of this golden dream,
Alone you could have hailed in your ship,
But indeed, deep is the sea of your love,
That feeds the life to all those in the seabed.
You arrived in a form that we could see,
You descended in hearts of flaming faith,
You saw the coming time as newer world,
You are ruler of the time that’s yet to come.

It’s your dream that manifests into reality,
Blessing the age old cosmos a golden youth,
You seek the change, You bring the change,
We seek you and you happen to us as our Golden Day!

In Remembrance of my Lord
29th February 2016, Puducherry
Ragni chandrethia

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